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Flexible Fulfillment Center Services

A flexible fulfillment center provider allows a customer to focus on their own core-competencies, and makes doing business easier. A major factor when measuring flexibility of a provider is the customer-specific supply chain solution they offer.

Consider these questions:

  • Are the solutions they offer “cookie cutter” or are they customized to fit the flow of business for each customer?
  • Will I have to change my business model to fit with the fulfillment center or is the logistics provider creating solutions to give me a competitive advantage?

These are key indicators of a flexible provider that is looking for a partnership and not a business transaction.

Fulfillment Center

A view inside a fulfillment center

Flexible Partnerships

An area that is also overlooked is the flexibility of services that a fulfillment center may offer. A provider that is willing to offer value-added services, such as a product returns center, can really allow a customer to focus on their core business. A customer may not have the personnel or the time to run a returns function. A flexible fulfillment center can step in immediately to provide this capability, and give resources back to the customer. This adds value that is not easily measured by pure financial calculations.

Specialty Fulfillment

A superior fulfillment center is flexible and will adapt to suit the needs of their customers. For many companies seeking a third party fulfillment center a tailored custom engagement is necessary. A strong relationship between a company and their third party fulfillment center is imperative for smooth order processing and fulfillment.